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Your Inaugural Velodrome Cup

Everyone smiles when they enter this cathedral of gold! Here’s how your day unfolds.

Groups of 16 learn how to master the track whilst the track centre becomes a myriad of wellbeing challenges. These include pro talks, nutritionist, Watt Bike challenge, BMX pump track, Physios, Velextrix & many more.

Each rider attempts a timed lap that seeds for the Aussie Pursuit.

After a healthy lunch and option of a Q&A with an Olympian, the 500M pursuit races commence. These build to a Cup, Plate, Shield Final to ensure everyone has a chance of being on the podium!

As the commentator and DJ keep the atmosphere pumping, the Finale builds to the Aussie Pursuit, 6 riders starting at even places around the track and racing until only one is left…

There is no more inspiring and engaging company event. Don’t believe us? Read ‘what they say’



The Olympic Park Pursuit is for events that exceed the velodrome event alone and goes beyond just two wheels

The velodrome is the base camp but the team v team challenges are spread across the Olympic Park and can include as examples:

  • Wheel chair tennis at the Olympic Hockey Centre
  • Hockey match
  • BMX
  • Morris dancing
  • Formula One challenge
  • Cake decorating
  • Crystal Maze challenges
  • Wellbeing Forums from the professionals
  • Sheepdog Trials
  • The Mexican Railway
  • Dodgeball
  • Last Man Standing
  • Bike Smoothie making
  • Velo Scalextrix
  • Soap box derby

16-3000 pax



The BMX track beside the velodrome is an event in its own right, often combined with a meeting in the Olympic VIP rooms of the velodrome, or it can be an additional activity.

Riders will be taught the key skills of BMX to include handling and pumping different areas of the track and as skill and confidence progresses, the music and the races start.

It’s fun, not overly athletic and always a team laugh. When you don’t have time or budget for the full Velodrome event, take a look at our BMX handmade event. It's suitable for 8 people upward.


Fund Raising

Fund raising can either be from entry fees per company or the distance challenges of the day on Watt Bikes, the Road Circuit and Velodrome.

Since the 2012 Olympics we have regularly given free track time and coaching to local schools who have had the chance to meet their Olympic heroes.


258 Road Events

Our Road days cater for all levels from novice to advanced

Our rides are fully supported to make your guests feel like a professional for the day.

Our Guest Pro riders make the day special as they share stories from inside the peloton and the highs and lows of his/her career.



This was our 15th annual Investors Day and as usual they all left saying “it was the best yet” !

So much better than golf

the last time I rode a bike was twenty years ago so this was a very special reunion!

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