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It’s now time to get together, breathe deep and energise staff & clients

The £98M London Velodrome is handmade to perfection, every length of Siberian pine placed to create the worlds most inspiring and inclusive meetings and events venue. Rampage Velo Events are handmade to perfection, every component of the event considered to ensure your event is ‘the best yet’…


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Velo Events is the biking leg of Rampage Event Management, established in 1984 by Mike Rimmer and pioneers of the very first triathlon training camps which took place in Ibiza. What followed was the UKs first extrovert events company, creating, conceiving and delivering amazing events that no one forgets.
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Your Inaugural Velodrome Cup

Inspire your business in the Golden Arena… Many a team head to head has been fought in a Velodrome from the 2012 Olympics to company mergers conjured together by CEOs.
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The most Inspiring conference venue available with team activities that maximise interaction.
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Fund Raising

As an alternative to London-Paris the Velopark is a one day Fund Raising forum utilising the velodrome, track centre activities, Road circuit and track centre.
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The BMX track beside the velodrome is an event in its own right, often combined with a meeting in the Olympic VIP rooms of the velodrome, or it can be an additional activity.
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Case Studies

This was our 15th annual Investors Day and as usual they all left saying “it was the best yet” !

So much better than golf

The last time I rode a bike was twenty years ago so this was a very special reunion!

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